In Ternopil cycling? Take care of his protection

More of our countryman prefer clean and safe mode of transport - bicycles. Unfortunately, switched his interest to dvohkolisnykiv and lovers of easy money. To law enforcement officials increasingly are reported stolen bikes. Thieves do nottoo picky, tsuplyat Rover regardless of model and price. Steal bicycles left unattended near homes, shops and other public places. Dryers, staircases, common corridors entrances - it is also the place where often steal two-wheeled vehicles. The 43-year-old ternopolyanky stole a bicycle from the entrance.A woman always dvokolisnyk left overnight in the stairwell. Attached vehicle special cable to the railing and was confident in complete safety of their property. But the bike was stolen. The police are searching for the thief. Such cases are not uncommon. How to protect yourself? Tip of law enforcement - not to leave their vehicles unattended. Yakscho there is a need, ask someone you trust, pryhlyanuty him. Keep dvokolisnyky indoors with strong locks. Never leave your bike at night in doorways, take them home. Ensure the security of your property and you reduce the risk of losing him. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region