Music Games: " Defending his native land from the enemy - the main and primary task of all of us! &Quot;

He was merely 23 years old. At this age, laugh and cry of love. He is not holding back tears when he sees death battle brothers. He - the youngest of the crew and all the positions where he was. The only son of my mother, a teacher of UkrainianOva and literature, a resident of the village Ozeryany Borshiv Ternopil region. Without camouflage - the usual modern child, in which under other circumstances would never have discerned an experienced warrior. When he showed military photos and videos, I realized that the young man was in hell. The vast majority of us is to see only in the movies. Toit is - terrible week that quickly formed with boy brave man, an experienced warrior that can be easily disassembled in caliber weapons in the kinds of equipment, shelters, the specifics of arms ... At the front of Igor Music - driver MTLB from last September. August 3, 2014 and September 4, the same year - the dates he remembers first - mobiation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 128 th Infantry Brigade mountain. The second - the third day in the so-called ATO and the first battle of Popasna closer to Pervomayska. Hardly had okopatys. Fortunately, helped the soldiers of the National Guard of the Ivano-Frankivsk region who have been there for two weeks. &Quot; said showed helped that we may therehold out longer - says the fighter. - We - mouth fire support, are on the front line as infantry, strengthen it. On my machine is antiaircraft installation of two 23-kalibernymy shafts. If the enemy a little further - we work, if some, such as subversive group - powered firearms & quot ;. This is to make it clear how and where fighting in youngoyin our hero. He - maydanivets. Several times was in Kiev and even during acceleration Square. With a small backpack with a simple stripe " Euromaidan Borschiv & quot ;, propahlym maydanivskym smoke and went to war. Only recently burned backpack during the Battle of Debaltseve. &Quot; I've hardly used it was for me as a reference. But inthe place where I had left the backpack, where we usually rest, hit by a shell & quot ;, - says Igor. I met a guy at the front of friends from the street - one of the Khmelnytsky, second - Ivano-Frankivsk region. Last - 51 years, he volunteer crews to Igor. Sam submariner, Midshipman. Games with pain in my heart told about the deceased owned a friendymyra Pitaka of Darahova Terebovlia Ternopil region, which call the heart, having heard about the event on home soil, returned from the United States and up to a third wave of mobilization was a volunteer in the army. I was to meet him just in anniversary events in the capital Maidan. Igor came home from chernivetsone hospital where injured after hit. His fighting vehicle drove on anti-tank mine. A friend sitting on armor, died. Svobodivets with machine gunner were inside. Mom learned from the son of a hospital, a bird flew him to make sure it is intact and whole. Do not believe him, the " all good & quot ;. After desyatydennoho got treatment for two weeks at home Ozeryany. His God obviously kept the boiler under Debaltseve, though not every soldier was in the hell of battle. &Quot; when we departed, on my machine that is designed for a crew of six people rode fourteen. Technique we broke two BMP summed third reflected barrel on " Ural " Mr. tankayihav, rozdushyv it simple ... and for those no regrets - it was very sorry for the young guys. We even killed if not taken ... " - Igor, do you always carry with them a charm? - With a simple always carry the cross, which was with me for military service in 2009-2010. Another token ... I do not give him, to do yourself ... It writesXia surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, blood type and unit in which you are on ... Who wants produces, then simply to recognize ... Bear trident on her neck and tip balls. Soldiers are also drawings that sends children, dolls and more. - Tell me there on the front, men do not restrain tears? - Yes ... It is not easy to lose. So muchand once stayed, different conditions, attacks. After the battle come to life. It is difficult and painful to watch as the man dies, it is hard to believe that perishes, but ... with my crew died January 25 Terebovlyansky guy when we started intense battles ... - How long have they started? - Moon we were under Popasna, and from October until now - under Debaltseve. At any timecan form boiler if terrorists break through our positions at least on one side. We will maintain our own large building and fire lines, the lives of young men and equipment. Every day is burned and destroyed machinery, killed and wounded from different departments. There we left a lot of energy. This situation - a threat to the boiler - was another of October last, when we got there. The militants were not then active attack. Fired their artillery. We had to hide and wait. After all was quiet, and held the position of watching or not is their infantry. But it did not fit at close distance - away opening fire. When they saw that is returned fire, the militants retreated. Now completelym different. Their artillery has more than once per day, and most of the day and at night. Then there are tanks, infantry, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, " & quot ;. Urals During this period, they explored where in which positions and how many people, how much technology - so come with more power to us. According to this scheme, as now, the ATO is - standing at checkpoints on the same itemytsiyah, a stronghold of several months. During this time, you can learn all the tactics and strategy of the enemy - their sabotage of work, and the local people we deliver. We agree, but they themselves are doing their job. We do not hold against them ATO, and they are against us. We zadobryuyemo them agree with the terrorists who are destroying, and they have -as invaders ... - Games you any of their relatives showed terrible pictures where taken positions after the war? - Then five tanks occurred to us. Artillery support has not given us. I just returned from vacation. Began shelling tight. Recently beat Russian military expert - right on target, notflights or nedolotamy. We hid it, then ran for the position. After half an hour of the running we saw on the horizon five enemy tanks. Our boys held positions at the hill. One tank in the middle and fired maneuvered us, and two tanks left and right, and firing, drove closer to our fortifications. One of our tank atbeaten once, but one shot back with five. The enemy still managed to knock, and three drove us to the position. One drove one caterpillar in a trench, the other - on the parapet, some guys just moved with my crew a soldier. Some moved up, the other hand, remained crippled. We destroyed all three tanks to break position. HAshu technique as they all burned and destroyed. Only one survived our tank, which gave a fitting rebuff five enemy. Vystrilyavshy all ammunition, tank crews fought with guns as infantry. My car was left with no anti-aircraft guns. Much time was wounded and seven dead. Those that are left, put in another unit, which drove us to reinforce and etc.ybuv essentially a replacement. - War - hard to craft, especially men. How to survive - is the main task for each warrior? - Survive and win! The first wave of the war - should okopatysya. To even have a good time, we must take place below ground level. The next day, dig a trench for shooting prone, which can also sleep. If you have time, dig deeper - to strilby on his knees. The longer you stand, the more ... If you dig fly balls, and you see that you have no where to head bow next time you start to dig deeper. When flying projectiles, and you see that you have not covered trench, and the heart beats more than that in the trenches, bunkers blocked, you begin to collect wood, block, bags of earthth ... Although a direct hit from a shell that had bunkers save. Need for rough wood floor, because if you do not shell strikes, it prolomlyuye it - boys and covered with earth. 80-millimeter mine " basil " breaks 40-cm thick layer of soil. So many need to pour or put plates ... What can guys so strengthened.Ride in the land, chain saws felled trees cling cables for cars and draw on position. - But Donbass usually - a spacious steppe ... - Steppes, wind ... At that first position in Popasna we stood in a field at the intersection of roads and landings. Here, under Debaltseve stood in the field, planting had to go 3-4 miles to tree throw at ca.indazh. - Went to the rear. And it you reliable? - No. Since 20 January's numbers began active attacks by terrorists, their artillery and prostrilyuvala forefront, and from time to time - all the distance between us and our rear to prevent the possibility dovozyty food, ammunition, wounded evacuated to bring reinforcements. There are certainly hostile " correctioning " - And those " mow " under local, and still local. He walks a kind man - and does the job, collecting information. - And that, they are free to roam yourself, man? - Yes. Their nobody touches. The greatest outrage is in us when we go to the volunteers and see in liberated towns and boys and men who do not lackuye to go to the army. They will not engage, or are refugees and should be given a job and housing, or they do not trust. Let them be involved, for example, in the rear at least camouflage mesh weave or before any work in which can not hurt. In the same Debaltseve they themselves lived, and then, when we started active hostilities, left, and our kidThese were left there to defend their homes. When all at once lull, they come home, and our guys ... some will never return home to their loved ones ... - How The local population belongs to you, Ukrainian soldiers? - I do not know how sincere. When you stand in front of them in full ammunition with a gun, I always say: " Move UkraineAuger & quot ;. And they said later outside eyes - can only guess. Last time we had plenty of food, the " Urals " transported to the nearest village near Novohryhorivka Debaltsevo handed old people. A night on the " syeparskomu " Radio said that we go and only taking people products parsed building at strengthening posturesthis. Close to the front walk mostly women with children. One repeatedly told me that her husband is at work in Debaltseve. And then it turned out that he hit a bomb - on the opposite side of the front ... - Volunteers provide everything you need your unit? - Yes. And food, and clothing. They come to us or position, but for the most partFirst we go to them, not to expose themselves to danger. It depends on what the situation is. To our volunteers from the area I went to safety. And food, clothing, and other things brought Vladimir Jaworski comrades and Andrew Danylevych ... 80 percent of our food is provided by volunteers. One and the same situation with the form. Remove itus in landfills, but no one in the army thinks that the form was easy. How to Wear cotton pants, body armor, helmet, " unloading & quot ;, it moving? And I also must soon hatch machine climb. In " public " I could not get into. And volunteers bring is that it you warm, easy and convenient. Suhpaykom state issues. They lie in boxes -in off-peak hours are rarely open. For civilian profession Games - surveyor. Now on - and put another land, generously poured blood Ukrainian soldiers, and generally to life. Very simple and earnest as his age. Above all, he said, have confidence in the future, even in the next hour, because at the front of this just be mAuger. We must live, enjoy, improve, and not to panic and create yourself some petty issue. - We did not perish at Donbass. There is fighting just to the war did not come to us. To have been able to live peacefully here, learn, work our children, brothers, sisters, parents, relatives and friends. Those who started this war, they had a purpose? What theyhave for people? Bear and more war, destruction, hunger, crisis and chaos. Once " kormili all countries & quot ;, and now who does not? Let you and the authorities who chose, employs, salaries and pensions. There had been brought all the stuff from, armed with his homeless. Hand guns - and restore factories, roads ... but who wants it and, most importantly, will do? Andvtomaty have, yisti give them the money they are paid. They untethered ... Therefore we stand to horror here is not reached. And for those that land? They simply do not appreciate. Do not we give them the war was imposed. This is their foolish choices. They were first in front of our technology and our soldiers were not allowed. Now shout with no pensions and salaries ... - In theseconditions of such equipment, weapons, our army was able to defend their homeland? - I would very much like to see where else is this army ... but our government must decide. So she fights, it agrees, then struggling to hold positions, the ATO ... All the soldiers who are now on the front lines know that - a real bloody and smertonosna war against Ukraine. And the TV - it's still, merely, TU. This front line can not be counterterrorist operation. This undeclared war. During that battle tank we caught a Russian tanker. He said that " snakes & quot ;. He " for Rodin " advised: you sit down or go, renewing technology - and the war. We GLORYand God, the situation is different. Great support people volunteering. And again, what all will be here in the rear of the posters, we were there at the front, stronger will not. Defending his native land from the enemy - the main thing, and now, the first task of each of us! Do not forget that we are there, we are fighting for a better future, a bright future for all of Ukraine! -Only wishes to you, Igor, and your brethren in arms: come back alive and win! .. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "