In the Lviv region in apartment

crashed medical thermometer March 3rd at 22:43 to the rescue was reported that the apartment in the city. Truskavets street. Stebnytska 72 crashed medical thermometer. The landlord, 1992 born, gathered mechanically mercury in the amount of 2 g capacity and transferred employees to follow in DSNStylizatsiyi. Department DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region recalls indoors if broken mercury thermometer, you should immediately withdraw from the room all people, especially children, the disabled and the elderly. Open all the windows in the room. Damp gauze respiratory protection. Great balls of mercury should be collected syringesS and drop them in a glass jar with a soap-soda solution, and smaller balls must collect brush on paper and also reset the bank. Capacity should seal the lid. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect mercury – is strictly prohibited! Wash contaminated sites soap-soda solution (400 g of soap and 500 grams of soda ash10 liters of water). Close the premises after treatment so that there was no connection to other rooms, and ventilated for three days.