In Zhytomyr operatives arrested a resident of the district center for stealing charity box

man who shop noticed that the stranger hastily grabbed a box of charitable funds to support Ukrainian soldiers even tried to catch the thief. After police detained last. Started preliminary investigation. March 2resident called police to the city. Novograd-Volyn and said that witnessed the crime. According to him, he just stayed in one of the local shops when he saw a stranger stole charity box on the counter with money. Hold scoundrel husband alone failed and he escaped. At the scene investigative staff operasatyvnoyi group learned that the stolen box has accumulated about 600 USD, and these funds were intended for military necessity, involved in anti-terrorist operations in the east. Concerns witness informed the police stealing signs attacker. In the course of the investigation and search activities operatives of the Criminal Investigationin quickly identified the thief. They found 44-year-old previously convicted for drug possession a local resident. A crime he admitted at the same time to charitable funds to spend on your own. - Details of this event included the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations defined legal qualifications for Part 1 of Art. 185 (Theft) Kryminalnoho Code of Ukraine. So perpetrator threatens punishment under the relevant article up to imprisonment for up to 3 years - the head Novograd Volyn Gorotdel militia Sergey Ryaboshapka. Inna Vovchenko, Novograd Volyn MB Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr region