Soldiers Battalion "Lviv" once again went to the area ATU

March 4, 75 Battalion soldiers patrol special police "Lviv" in rotation departed for duty in the area ATO. In eastern Ukraine, they will change their comrades, who will soon return to the city to rest. In the area of ??ATO our soldiersserve for the protection of public order, protect the living facilities of settlements involved in stripping areas and serve on checkpoints. In the area of ??fighting soldiers of the battalion "Lviv" off: Head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Dmitry Zagariya, Deputy Police Colonel Sergei Zyubanenko, Head of Public Security Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Andrew Hrebeniuk, relatives and community activists. "Bring decent service, remember that you swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people and be careful. You all are experienced fighters, each is the third rotation, so come back to God and liveymi-healthy "- said goodbye fighters Dmitry Zagariya. This time the soldiers of the battalion "Lviv" carried out in a war zone presents from volunteers and Lviv and foreign charitable organizations: ambulances, two pozadorozhnyky and bus "Mercedes". All vehicles were relevant technical PREPovku. "It is necessary for us things. The roads there are broken sometimes we have to go through the fields and woods, so off Road - is the best means of transportation. As for the car first aid - aid soldiers on the battlefield is a must. We are very grateful to all the volunteers for such gifts "- said the soldier battalion with the call sign" Fox ". In addition togoh, volunteers and concerned citizens of Lviv gave our soldiers in a combat zone foods: potatoes, meat products, cereals, oatmeal, butter, and more. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine Lviv region