In the winery police checked the left to stop suspicious shoes ... the mechanism

About 14.00 on line "102" was reported detection trolleybus stop on Avenue Kotsyubinskogo in. Vinnitsa suspicious things - shoes, which was located in part of the mechanism. Specialists vybuhotehnichnoyi militia service by checking discovery, not youthere have revealed explosives or other dangerous things. After detection on public transport stop suspicious things townspeople immediately informed the police about it. For a few minutes on-site working investigative team police. Guardians take care of security measures - the area was surrounded restrictive tape, blocked traffic and atbmezhyly access people. Explosives tested suspicious things and found that they are not a danger to others. To stop someone were left shoe part of the mechanism of infant toys. Police grateful for vigilant citizens, because it depends safety. For information on detecting suspicious objects left toez care bags, packages, people envisioned criminal plans, must be reported on around the clock phone "102", 59-33-22, 59-33-23. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region