Transcarpathia, in Beregovo police conducted the operation "Primrose 2015"

off the coast of ongoing operation codenamed " Primrose & quot ;. Its purpose - to preserve rare plant species that are endangered and thus cease trade in the territory of Beregovo. Each year, between February and May, thereI mass sells rare rannokvituchyh the Red Book of Ukraine plants. Special offer scope for spring flowers takes on the eve of Women's Day - March 8 and Easter. In order to prevent and counteract this police public safety Berehiv District Police conducted comPlex measures, including awareness among local residents. Law enforcement officers regularly conduct raids to check local marketing of ornamental plants and markets, aimed at halting the collection, transportation and trading of primroses. Beregovsky police station warns citizens about the responsibility for the destruction and sale of plants that optiahodyatsya endangered. Violation of the requirements for the protection of species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, the person will bear administrative responsibility in accordance with Article 90 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. The offense carries a penalty of a fine of 20 to 30 times the income of gromadyan (340-510 USD.) with forfeiture of illegally mined. As well as police calls berehivchan not buy snowdrops and other flowers, listed as endangered, because if demand grow, grow and supply and combat this scourge will be difficult. John Denysyuk Beregovsky District Police