In the Rivne region of the observance of laws during the Revolution Advantages

events related to the protests in support of European integration in the hearts of every Ukrainian. Then we knew that this was the beginning of the test. Since then, when the square in the capital of the first blood spilled, lives put more than a thousand. As now we protect your country or regionInterests and rights of citizens, not betraying the values ??of the Revolution Advantages - ask me as prosecutor, the inhabitants of the land. The public is interested in, or brought to justice those involved in criminal and administrative proceedings, including prosecutors, peaceful protesters in the region. Bidpovim that the main task of the prosecutor's office remains unchanged - to protect the integrity of the state of each citizen to counter crime and fighting corruption. At the time - demand the heads of state and society to bring to justice those who pursued protesters. First of all, it should be emphasized that in Rivne region were peacefulaction. The fate of the criminal proceedings related to the implementation of constitutional rights, rallies and demonstrations Results in the internal affairs were 7 criminal proceedings related to mass protests in support of Ukraine's European integration. These proceedings are closed to the Law of Ukraine "On removal is notnegative effects and avoid prosecution and punishment of those on the events that occurred during peaceful assembly ". Suspicion of criminal proceedings declared no, no delayed. In particular, procedural manuals prosecutors last year closed the proceedings on the fact of obstruction 40 persons on ring busof relations. Exactly car traffic internal troops. The same fate proceedings of the commission activists protest near adminprymischen Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the field, prosecutors region, Rivne Regional State Administration and the launch of the air using balloons portrait citizen Yanukovich, property damage RivnensRegional vein of "The Party of Regions." Once again I stress, these proceedings are closed for rehabilitating grounds. No activist was not arrested, brought to trial. Possible involvement of prosecutors in preventing activists checked. As a result of official verification of the facts of persecution or zalyakuvReference participants, which would become the basis for criminal prosecution prosecutors region currently is not set. However, prosecutors determined by compiling cases in the State during mass events AutoMaidan administrative reports allegedly for non drivers ABtomobiliv demands to stop based on reports from police employee other areas. These protocols (2) Ostrog district and municipal courts Kuznetsovsky in February and March 2014 in the absence of closed events and of administrative offenses. Responding to abuse by law enforcement officials, prosecutors and cities Kuznetsovskaya Ostrog interdistrictth chiefs made Gorotdel Internal Affairs of Ukraine in response documents. As a result of their review of the State of perpetrators disciplined. The prosecutor's office continues to verify the legitimacy of government officials during the Revolution Advantages Rivne region of the prosecution continues to work with the studiedmaterials for installation of officers belonging to the field of organizing the obstruction of peaceful protest. The attention given to the establishment of facts connected with the organization "Antymaydan" obstruction of free expression of their political positions, compelling employees of public organizations in different activities illegalbudget funds and other facts that may be grounds for taking additional measures. Enquiries prosecution Rivne region heads of state and local governments in the region have given the answer that the incident is unknown to them. Do not received a response from the Rivne Regional Council To sendrequested the prosecution of facts that were announced during the regular session of the regional council. However, the results of prosecutorial inspections have shown that such a breach occurred. Thus, the investigation department of regional prosecutor's office has completed pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings and directed the court indictment regarding officialsand one of the medical institutions of the region, which in timesheets entered false information about the number of hours the employee, while the latter took part in a rally in support of "Antymaydan" (crime, under Part. 1, Art. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) . Also, prosecutors Rivne region initiated some actions checkdeemed as the judges Rivne Regional Administrative Court for the December 2013 decision that limited the exercise of the right of people peaceably to assemble in. Exactly. Suitable materials prosecutors currently pending before the Interim Commission for verification judges of general jurisdiction. According to the co-chairs of the NGO "Maydan "in the area Bereznivsky investigation of criminal case against a deputy chairman Bereznovsky District Council and Director KP" Bereznivska printing press "send people to the city. Kyiv on" Antymaydan "(signs crime under Part 1 st.294 Criminal Code of Ukraine). Last year in April, the investigating police department is Bereznovskycriminal proceedings closed for lack of a criminal offense. However, having studied the materials, District Attorney concluded that the decision investigating police - unfounded, because preliminary inquiry resumed. Currently, prosecutors continue to clarify the facts of administrative pressure on public employees, localgovernors students about forcing them to participate in actions in support of the then government. To do this, invoked information from local governments, public authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations. Connected to the cooperation of local branches of NGOs and journalists. Polled more than 4 hundred people, etc.o This includes heads of administrations and their deputies, carriers region. To provide a comprehensive, complete and objective legal assessment of the actions of former government officials during the Revolution of Dignity, prosecutors again asks area residents who have any information on the events of the time, including the organization and administration of over lystopada 2013 - February 2014 to the capital of citizens to participate in the provocations and interference with peaceful protests, report the facts. If necessary, guaranteed confidentiality of sources of information received. Disciplinary liability incurred prosecutors improperly managed investigation procedure in proceedings concerning organizatsiyi "Antymaydan" In June last year by the police (ie - Rivne District Police and SD in UMVDU in) registered criminal proceedings on the fact of abuse by former staff members of government who sent public employees, vehicles administrations, schools students to participate in Antymaydanand. Later Specified criminal was closed. At the same time checking regional prosecutor's office found that the decision was taken prematurely, because they were conducted all necessary investigations. Due to improper procedural manual pre-trial investigation in this criminal proceedings apply disciplinary measures up to 4 WORKERivnykiv prosecution. The adoption of measures to two deputy prosecutor for ineffective supervision in the investigation will be decided after they start working (after recovery and exit from vacation). For my decision criminal proceedings were transferred to the Investigation Department prosecutors Rivne region, which in a short time the indictment thatdirected to the person to court. One of the requirements of the Maidan - of lustration. How does the Law of Ukraine "On cleaning power" in the prosecutor's office? Lustration process continues and will continue for several months. Everyone knows that currently none of the then leadership of the regional prosecutor's office did not work below. The management of the regional prosecutor's office updated. Toimplementation of the Law of Ukraine "On cleaning power" during the first phase of prosecutor's office dismissed from their posts 2 deputy prosecutor. Currently, organized and conducted background check has taken in respect of the effective date of this law interns for positions prosecutors miskrayprokuratur (20 people). And alsomy order is already assigned on March 11, 2015 regarding the appropriate check first deputy prosecutor of Rivne, deputy prosecutors cities, districts and inter-district public prosecutors. Unit managers, their deputies, senior prosecutors regional prosecutor's office, investigators, prosecutors and senior prosecutors departments be checked zhidbut graphics from 1 April 2015. Senior prosecutors and prosecutors Prosecutor's Office and areas of public servants device prosecution - from 13 April 2015. The relevant order issued on the official website of the regional prosecutor's office. Fighting corruption in the territory of Rivne It is to overcome this shameful phenomenon is all insist Interndays institutions and Ukrainian society. The work of the prosecution Rivne region and other law enforcement officers on preventing and combating corruption are effective. Already this year uncovered 14 criminal offenses of corruption, including 9 cases of bribery. In the court directed the 9th acts on convictions perpetrators koruptsiyni crimes. By comparison, last year of corruption crimes were revealed 6, including 5 cases of bribery. In particular, the investigation department of the Prosecutor's Office of Rivne region directed to the court indictment regarding the deputy head of the Rivne Oblast State Administration, who committed a criminal offense under ch. 3. 368 Criminal Code of Ukraine (getting wrongomirnoyi benefits combined with extortion). The latter demanded and received cash consideration of citizen of 11 thousand. Dollars for assistance in the transportation of passengers on suburban and inner-city routes for general use. In addition, compound 42 minutes of committing administrative corruption. CourtOm has prosecuted 25 officials, most of them - are members of local councils who have committed offenses of corruption in land relations. The main cause of corruption is the shadow economy, which leads to the loss of state revenues and receiving in turn, criminals profits, part of which goes to the Bribery of civils servants, policemen, judges. So law enforcement efforts and focus on identifying and stopping criminal offenses in the field of taxation. This area is given great attention, work continues in the offensive movement. The work area prosecutors least priority area - the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms,strengthening the rule of law in the region, protecting the integrity of the state. Prosecutor together with all law enforcement agencies Rivnenshchyna made concerted measures to influence the effectiveness of the law defined tasks and functions, primarily with a view to every citizen feel secure. Sergey Kubrak, Attorney ReeveRivnenska Oblast