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During the week DSNS Ukraine rescued 73 people and eliminated nearly 800 fires

Last week (from 23.02 to 1.03) subdivisions of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies conducted site visits for measures to prevent disasters, rapid response to events and response , firefighting, helding other rescue measures. Yes, February 27, at 10 am. 35 min. in the village. Havrylivka Dnepropetrovsk region there is an emergency at the local level. In the private house of a violation of the rules of operation of gas boiler of carbon monoxide poisoning killed 3 people (including 1 child born in 2006). During the week, over 961 registeredordinary event, which provided DSNS response units of departure to the place of their origin. As a result of the undertaken measures 73 osoby. Disposed 771 fire rescued 42 people on fire and not allowed the destruction by fire 294 buildings and 26 units. technology. On fire killed 44 people, estimated losses on available data, are 2 million. 595 thousand. USD. In particular, February 24, at 23 h. 55 min., At p. Baranykivka Luhansk region in the farm in Hay storages area of ??3,600 sq. M. The fire started as a result of which destroyed 470 tons of hay and damaged structural elements of the building. February 25 at 3 h. 56 min. fire departments DSNS Ukraine completely eliminated. The sameRTI and injured. February 25, about 1 hour. 23 min., M. Kyiv at the resort ” Pusha Voditsa ” due to short circuit in one-story trees ’ yaniy building on an area of ??150 sq. m. fire. At 2:50 min. fighters DSNS consisting of 7 branches fire eliminated. On the same day, February 25, at 23 h. 47 min. in. Sokal Lviv region in the basement n ’ storey residential building on fire, by which destroyed trees ’ volved warehouses and household goods residents over an area of ??180 sq.m. In connection ’ strong connection with smoke, rescuers evacuated from the burning building 15 residents. At 2 h. 33 min. fire fighters DSNS likvidovaland. There were no victims. Another massive fire occurred in. Rzhyschiv Kyiv region on February 26 at 4 h. 15 min. at the plant ” Novopak SB ” in industrial and warehouse buildings. The fire damaged about 300 rolls of polystyrene on the area of ??500 sq.m. At 6 h. 20 min. DSNS fire departments were eliminated. With Mr.ochatku week pyrotechnic units DSNS made 102 trips, during which he discovered, seized and destroyed 2 thousand. 98 pieces of munitions of war. During the week about water ’ yektah killed 11 people. According to data of the week there were 291 traffic accidents, resulting in the deaths of 42 people and injured342 persons. Press Service of Ukraine DSNS