In Volyn police destroyed the weapons and ammunition

By decision of the courts in the blast furnace foundry LLC "Promlit" which in IPB, police destroyed deleted, voluntarily surrendered or found weapons. - In general, by melting destroyed 20 units smoothbore hunting rifles, 10 pistols and revolvers gas, 16 unitsynyts pistols and revolvers traumatic. By the fiery furnace got 17 units knives, 771 small arms ammunition and 154 rounds of game - said head of logistics Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn Oblast Yuri Berezinskaya. Law enforcement officials remind citizens, illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, Explosives - a crime for which the law provides criminal penalties. In particular, under Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for imprisonment for a term of two to five years. However, in the case of voluntary surrender of weapons to the police, citizens are exempt from criminal liability. SZEM MIA Ukrayius Volyn region