In Lutsk in the so-called "peak" will not reduce transport

members of the executive committee of the City Council approved the results of the transportation of passengers by bus routes for general use in Lutsk 4 "Railway Station - The September", 31 "TC" Elephant "-C. Boholiuby (branch obllikarni) ", 47" Karbysheva - p. Boholiuby (Branch regionhospital) " Head of Transport and Communications Anatoly Myronyuk explained that due to the competition for passengers in Lutsk proposed decision of the Executive Committee approve the results of the competition for passengers according to the minutes of the tender committee held on 2 March. Executive Committee membernd also decided to reduce the number of vehicles on city bus routes on weekends and holidays. The decision was taken at the request of carriers, including unstable economic situation in the country and a sharp rise in the cost of fuel, lubricants and spare parts to sustain tariffs forpassengers on city bus routes common use at the current level. According to Anatoly Myronyuk, it will allow partially satisfy both carriers and passengers. In the so-called "peak" reducing transport does not, as a slight increase in range of motion, approximately 1.2%, is at a time when Loadspare vehicle decreases, however, it would allow not to raise tariffs for transportation. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk stressed that work by regulating vehicles primarily be considered quality traffic, you need to think about people. Department of tariff policy will constantly monitor prices and componentsReef on the transportation of passengers on bus routes for general use and provide consistent management of transport and communications proposals on public transport. This was reported in Lutsk City Council