Vinnytchina: "Cooperation and support for small and medium enterprises" (+ photos)

Under this title March 4 in the press center of the Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration held a press conference Head of the Fiscal Service in Vinnitsa region Miroslav Sold . As positionsvets, support for SMEs is a process that is governed by the statutory provisions at the state level. "The activities of the fiscal authorities in this respect, is aimed at improving and simplifying the procedure for accounting and reporting for small businesses, guaranteeing the rights of subjects in the exercise of state supervision ineconomic activity? promote simplification of licensing procedures and reduce the term of their conduct "- he said. Miroslav Prodan also said that in 2014 the regional fiscal authorities managed to attract a number of taxpayers from other regions who wish to be on the tax records in Vinnytsia region. This enterprise Cherkasy, Kyiv, Odessakoyi oblasts and Crimea, engaged in construction of residential and non-residential buildings, furnishing roads, retail and wholesale trade in consumer goods. Some of them are budget-in their regions, so their activity is expected to nearly 2 million monthly revenue. Head of the Facultyiskalnoyi service area provided clarification on the amendments to the Tax Code enacted since the beginning of 2015. Their implementation, in addition to stabilizing the economic situation in Ukraine, aims to simplify the small and medium business. In particular, according to the official, polehshylas work taxable income: from 1 January following payerswill lead only accounting on which will determine the appropriate amount of tax payable. As for single taxpayers, the rate fell to them. At Vinnytsia Only registered almost 40 thousand. Single taxpayers. When compared to January 2015, is the tendency to increase the number of taxpayers who have chosena system of taxation (which has increased by 734). "Entities have a number of guaranteed rights - said Miroslav Sold - if as a result of checking the taxpayer does not agree with the amount of additional accruals, he may file an administrative or judicial review. Since the beginning of 2015 in taxpayer claims a violation lawsuit at 131 sUma 37096.41 thousand. UAH., are actually considered as of 02/03/2015 p. 10 court cases in the amount of 953.05 thousand. UAH. ". Director of Fiscal Services field questions from reporters, related to the tax compromise, fines and penalties for improper registration of labor relations between workers and employers (fine for workersno employment record from January 1, 2015 is 30 times the minimum wage). This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration