In Ternopil police wanted criminal who paid for the vehicle purchased souvenir dollars in

Krementsi unknown trio of crooks on souvenir paper with the image of American presidents purchased by car brands BMW. Deceived left 21-year-old local resident. Now police are searching cheater, two men and a woman. Ogoloshennya the sale of cars young people placed in one of the specialized websites. When called from Ternopil potential buyer who was willing to pay for the car in place of cash very glad his luck. At the meeting with the seller got company of young people, two men and a woman. Long overlooked by car, torushuvalysya and finally agreed on the price of four thousand dollars. Meanwhile already getting dark. Ternopolyanyn near the only source of light - Light trunk, counted four thousand dollars and, having accurate stosykom cash, sold them to the seller. To people do not have time to transfer the money, the scammer incidentally invited him immediatelyin elastic tie notes. While kremenchanyn in one hand holding the currency and the other elastics for money again distracted. A friend ternopolyanyna found on avtivtsi scratch and expressed on account of their concerns. And surprisingly vehicle owner, the buyer has not refused the deal and did not ask again to lower the price, it seems towe satisfied. So visiting the newly acquired avtivtsi left. A few minutes before kremenchanyna rang. The new owner BMW again asked if everything was okay with foreign car, documents on it and so on, so again the victim was unable to transfer money. When finally looked to the notes, it turned out that the real is only a hundred Doleditch, lying on top, the rest of the inscription papers cut eye - a souvenir. Still not believing that it so easily deceived, kremenchanyn applied to the Kremenets police, but no detailed description of crooks, no information from which they come or where're not able to provide law enforcement. According to the young man's attention constantly brought somethingolikalo and he just was not able to see the big villains. As the head of the police department Vladimir Kremenetskogo Halevych information on this fact police made a single register of pre-trial investigations legal qualification of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The ODA Installation of persons involvedx the crime and their location are underway. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region