Chernigov: With the start of spring activated acute respiratory viral infections

In Chernihiv rates of acute respiratory infections (ARI) for vosmyytyzhden 2015 exceeded the epidemic threshold by 0.41%, while the region the figure was lower than epidemporih 14.5%. During the reporting week in the regional center for SARS3589 sick people (10 123.82 thousand. population), of which 55.7% (abs. number - 1999) - were children. 20 children were hospitalized. Compared to last week growth rate of incidence of ARI increased by adults and children reduced to 17 years and is respectively 11.9% and + 0.25%. As of February 23 vaccinated against Mr.rypu in 368 persons directly in Chernihiv - 29 people (v. ch. 10 children). Information Center holds the control of influenza and SARS State institution "Ukrainian Centre for Disease Control and monitoring of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine." According to the Health Department of the City Council