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In Ternopil presented " Poems of War "

assembly "Poems of War" was presented on March 2 in Ukrainian House "Victory" born in Ternopil, deputy commander of the volunteer battalion "OUN" Boris Gumenyuk. The battalion is stationed in the village of Sands near Donetsk. Together with fellow martial he sincerely shared with fellow countrymen viewsall that is out there on the front and read his poetry front. "In a separatist - falls 9 citizens of Russia, - says fighter. - Separatists - is the one who is fighting against their own country. And there are very few. The majority - a regular Russian troops, mercenaries are hired by various money - Putin Yanukovych is Yakuts, Buryats. In this warand not fight tanks, combat soldiers. " According to Boris Gumenyuk, Ukrainian soldiers learn very quickly. "I took the machine June 22 last year - he says. - Before that I served in the army and no cases with weapons had. However, I quickly learned to assemble and disassemble weapons charge and discharge. That's enough to be a soldier. ProvidedThat all the rest - in the heart. If there is nothing you can serve in the army for 2 years, but did not become a full-fledged soldier. I can say that the motivation we all right. We adrenaline and patriotism rolls. And our enemies, it is very difficult. " The event took Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. "War, as you can seeMo, creates special feelings and emotions - he says. - This is often reflected in art. Poems arise spontaneously. Not necessarily they have to be made to certain poetic laws, but, you see, works clearly show the author's mood and sound really. " According to Leonid A., war is not only there, in the eastern part of stateember, the war dragged our entire state. "The fact that we are in a peaceful area, does not mean that we have no war - says the deputy. - Each in its own way has to support young men who volunteer help people prayer. A deputy battalion commander OUN Boris Gumenyuk sincerely wish that his name has long called out in his homeIsland Village Ternopil region, he writes about in his poetry. May his life be long and rich! " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration