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In the Rivne region rescuers teach children life safety rules

March 2 to prevent and prevent emergencies and fires, rescue 4th State Fire and Rescue Unit Directorate DSNS in Rivne invited students 8th grade Demidov Lyceum on a trip to Fire and Rescue pidrozdiSta. Children are introduced to the fire and rescue equipment that is in service with the fire and rescue equipment. During intercourse fighters DSNS Rose ’ yasnyly students the basic rules of fire safety and what to do in case of emergencies. The rescuers also taught students the Lyceum properly use a fire extinguisher. In tWow, employees of the State Service of the National Assembly organized a meeting with the Fire Department veteran who told the children about the history and formation Demidov fire-rescue department and made it hard everyday and fire suppression. PG DSNS in Rivne region