In Ternopil heroic act resident Berezhanschyny

February 23 pond in Bershad almost came to tragedy. Four Thirteen girls returning from school, we decided to walk around the reservoir, the surface of which is still paralyzed fragile ice. Kids fun that measured ice thickness punching him. Two girls, Nataliaand Julia, decided not to risk and not far away from the shore. And Helen and Violet went boldly to the crisis, and jumping several times, suddenly found themselves under water. Her friends called for help, but unfortunately there was no one near. While on the dam in his car driving Petr, who saw what was happening. He immediatelyrushed to help the children, crawled over to them and pulled on a jacket Lena. Violeta was a thick down jacket that quickly gets wet and pulled the girl on the bottom. From the weight of the ice cracked and under savior, so both were in the water. Petr plunged to try to push the girl to the surface of the ice, and the ice broke, and the depth was considerabletion about 2.5-3 m. Here to help pidspila companion Petr, who was traveling with him in the car, the girl filed a branch, and helped to get out of the water. Following removed and savior. Once the three were safe, ran warm – people in their cars, and girls to the room salvage divers station, located householyzu. From there they were taken and parents. By the way Petr – Lt. Security Service of Ukraine retired. 20 years in uniform confounded the signs – decisions are made quickly and act correctly in an emergency, this is what helped him not to get lost, do not lose a moment in time and to help. Even then, remembering to claimerezhyte analyzes that it would pretty risked his life, because the frightened girls in panic could tighten the ice as well. And sure, that acted correctly and happy with, save two young lives. Do not leave this feat aside and rescuers. Head of Division District Berezhansky DSNS Ukraine in Taras Lt.Kalakura, on behalf of the leader of the Fire and Rescue Service Ternopil civil defense Colonel Victor Masleya, hero gave thanks and said that appropriate and timely help in an emergency should be able to every second delay because sometimes causes irreparable.