In Vinnytsia to students who finish school this year to face the

innovations In 2015 state final certification of the Ukrainian language combine with an external independent evaluation. According to Deputy Director of the Department of Education Regional Administration - Chief of secondary education, preschool education and upbringing of Andriya Lisak, it means that this thing graduating 11th graders, and there Vinnichchine 8427 persons constitute and testing, and DPA by the same tests. "This year's novelty - April 24, all graduates of secondary schools will be testing the Ukrainian language, which will be credited as a result of final certification and thus estimates will beincluded in the certificates. Then from 22 to 28 May DPA will be high school mathematics, history of Ukraine and third subject - at the option of the student and the students do it not for the collections, and the tasks developed by schools "- said Andrew Lisak. Graduates of Donetsk and Lugansk and temporarily occupied Crimea and Sevastopol matymut to pass the STA and testing. For those who have time to register by February 20, the state final certification of the Ukrainian language and literature, and thus independent external evaluation will form 24 April. "He who is not registered by February 20, they are able to do so until 20 April. In this case, the state final certification of Ukrainenian language they amount to 9 June. Those who have a good reason not be able to invest in these terms zdavatymut key subject - Ukrainian language and literature June 27 "- said Andrew Lisak. Graduates 9 classes, such as Vinnichchine 14,453 students constitute state final certification from 1 to 8 June. The list of items of WormsDPA's conduct include: Ukrainian language and mathematics compulsory for all and third choice. Graduates of primary school final certification of the Ukrainian language, reading and math will form from 12-21 May. "I want to emphasize that the results of the DPA in elementary school are not made to the annual assessment is just one of the controls locatHb "- said Andrew Lisak. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration