In the Rivne region found a missing Natalie Swan Swan

February 25 Natalia, resident of the city Sarni, at 16 hours left home and never returned. The next day Sarnenski District Police Ukraine in Rivne region turned 56-year-old father. 34-year-old Natalia Lebed declared wanted. Daughter father live together, because Dr.Vladimir died recently of dinner. Natalia is a disabled child, is deaf and has a birth defect of the heart. In search of Natalie Swan was involved police Sarnenski District Police. February 28 missing woman managed sought out. Joint efforts and conducted operational and preventive measures established that before Natalia decided poihouses in the city of Rivne. Since it was not long ago there arrived a regional center, lost, sat in the wrong bus and went towards the town jail. When Natalie got out of the bus, could not sort out the typo, passer-by noticed the wandering woman and took her in Ostrog psychiatric hospital for identification, because it wasdeaf. For the first of March Natalia police returned home. Natalia KYRKOVSKA, Sarnensky District Police Ukraine Rivne region