In the Transcarpathian region in the village. Neresnytsya through a crack in the chimney caught fire a house

On the night of March 3 sec. Neresnytsya Tiachiv district-story apartment building caught fire. Owners mansion at the time of occurrence of fire slept at home. Their neighbor noticed flame ’ I, which covered roof structures, woke up at 2:19 and the owners called back to sluZHBI Rescue « 101 & raquo ;. At the scene left a fight with the local fire brigade. Neresnytsya. With the help of the villagers are localized fire at 2:30 and after 10 minutes it completely eliminated. Thanks to timely notification and operational actions firefighters residential building survived the fire. Presumably, the fire led cf.ushennya stove heating operating rules. In the chimney a crack through which a spark fell on trees ’ yane overlap and set fire to the roof. Caused by fire is under investigation, because the fire had destroyed part of the roof and walls of the house. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region