Rescuers Carpathian strengthened information campaign among educators

Recently, workers Ivano-Frankivsk City Department of Management in DSNS attended the board meeting of the Department of Education and Science of the city, which was attended by directors of preschool and secondary schools. Rescuers reminded teachers elemencontainer safety rules in detecting explosive devices, characteristics, allowing suspected explosive device and procedure in case of a suspicious object. In turn, Kalush rescuers trained on fire safety with heads of secondary schools of the district. Educators described as a rightflax act under the regime of high alert. By the heads of educational institutions has been brought about sources of all necessary materials for further work on training the younger generation actions in emergency situations. Employee Management Kalush RV DSNS informed listeners in the basic rules of behaviorstion in case of emergency situation, social, natural and military nature. He focused on the actions of people in case of alarm « Attention all & raquo ;, which is the first step to salvation, in the event of a threatening situation. Also, all the participants watched a film about the correctness of the action in the event of detectionof explosive devices. Particular attention was paid to modern standards and rules explosives treatment. Management DSNS in