In Uzhhorod police confiscated from student physical faculty drug codeine

18-year-old uzhhorodka a freshman studying Physics Department university. Her mother abused alcohol and father are not interested in life daughter ... The evening sector workers to combat drug trafficking Uzhgorod Gorotdel police noticed onst. M.Zankovetska girl who behaved, Myahkyy saying suspiciously ... Arrived on the scene investigative team Gorotdel police. When dealing with the police and student volunteer in the presence of witnesses issued from its portfolio syringe with a substance similar to synthetic opium drug codeine. According to 18-year-old Uzhgoroding, she found that codeine and retained for further personal use. It turned out that she first tried drugs two years ago, succumbed to the entreaties of friends. Father she does not remember because he left the family when she was only 6 years old. Mother uzhhorodky is immoral life, abusing alcohol and Mrs.ttyam daughter does not care about ... Remote "potion" is aimed at research to Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs area. This event is registered in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations for criminal proceedings. The investigation is ongoing, it appears all the circumstances of the event. Dear Diana, UzhgorodCF MIA