Lviv Art Gallery presented the album of the exhibition "The image of the Virgin"

87 icons of the Virgin Repository Lviv National Gallery of Arts. B. Voznytsky previously never displayed, can now be seen not only on display in the museum on the street. Stefanik in Ukraine, but also in the album directory "image of the Virgin," which presented a prlasya 13 February. This correspondent. Mary Jay, who organized the exhibition, and also worked on the catalog. She said that the storage of the museum is more than 66 thousand. Pieces, but manages to show only 6-8% of the total. Therefore, working in the storage, she decided to organize an exhibition of icons. &Laquo; The exhibition has87 exhibits period from the fourteenth to the mid-twentieth century. It will take some time and we shut up treasures for huge walls Repository. Maybe someone a hundred years again dare to show them. That is why the idea to create a directory & raquo ;, – Maria told jay. Head of the Department of sacral art of Lviv National Academy of Arts Professor RoMan Vasylyk noted that work on the exhibition – this feat. When it « resulting in beautiful editions – This history & raquo ;. Art historian Professor of Lviv National Academy of Arts Roman Yatsiv added that catalog – This is a very professional job that « give a deeper interpretation of historical periods Ukraikoho art, the books submitted until narrowed without a broader view of what was happening in other artistic media » different countries: « This is evidence that Ukraine is medium, which are capable of much higher quality level and represent a legacy inherited Ukrainian and other crops on the land of our ethnic and cultural dialogues,who accompanied us for centuries & raquo ;. &Laquo; Curator correctly came to the formation of visual range, which makes it possible to track certain communications ’ yazky between the different schools, periods of history and experience the dynamics of transformation view of the very image of the Virgin & raquo ;, – he added. Note Maria jay dedicated exhibition and catAlogi his mother, who made a great feat – gave birth to and raised eleven children. Told