In Chernivtsi region rescuers and volunteers conduct outreach among children.

To focus people on the importance of knowledge of the basic rules of safe behavior rescuers carry a variety of roses ’ yasnyuvalni measures. Since February 12, rescuers had Bukovina Chernivtsi pupils with special generaloyi school number 3 Rose ’ yasnyuvalnyy event during which teach children the rules of behavior in emergency situation and worked almost procedure for evacuation of students of the institution. At the command headmaster sounded three warning calls. They told the staff and students of the origin nadzvychAino situation and the start of an emergency evacuation. Children organized left the room and went outside. After leaving the school building all gathered in the courtyard, where rescuers detail Rose ’ yasnyly Curriculum and rules for evacuation. Next to the rescue joined the Red Cross, which prodemonstruvAli children the basic techniques of first aid domedychnoyi children watched with interest the actions of instructors and eagerly introduced to practical training. &Laquo; We are always trying to attract different specialists for the Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi work with our pupils, because when children themselves will try to take action and hear Mr.Oradea rescue it will enable better Add ’ favorites are the rules that we teach them », - says Director of Chernivtsi special school 3 Olga Dobrzhanska. Press Service DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region