Lions give a gentle and romantic atmosphere of love. Poster

Lviv at the weekend will be special, because February 14 - the most romantic holiday of the year. Who is beloved mate, can give her an unforgettable evening under good music and fun in the games. And those who do not have it, it can meet different parties. Who does not celebrate Valentine's Day, will be able responsiblecheats with friends. Photo: ZIK What and where will read in our bills. On Saturday, the city schools prepare unforgettable holiday for lovers. They create a magical atmosphere. Everyone can find at your favorite spot something unique. For example, in the Shevchenko Grove held various workshops and contests for couples. In Mr.Ai invited to Glade love (ability to write romantic valentine wishes-and rozvishaty on the Tree of Love), at a photo shoot (the museum will operate two fotozony decorated in romantic style, where work professional photographers who will shoot couples and happy faces), and the entrance to the museum will be placed box of valentine- Quotes about love for each visitor. The most interesting is the contest « Write greeting – get a gift! & raquo ;, which couples or those looking for a couple, write greeting valentyntsi, povishat it on « Tree of Love & raquo ;, photos taken, place photos in Facebook, accept Page Museum and receive a gift (3ykraschi nominees). More about activities for lovers can be found below in our sections. Fish Art Cafe GREEN on Sunday at 11.00 will open Serket strip. Saturday's performances REPERTOIRE At 18.00 in the Theater. Zankovetska gala Academy of jubilee folk artists of Ukraine Taisiya Litvinenko and Theodore Stryhun. TheaterKurbasa call at 19.00 on « Ma-Na Hat-Ta (Heaven land) & raquo ;. Theatre « Resurrection » on Saturday and Sunday trains « inn Gay & raquo ;. Start – 19.00. In the First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences at 13:00 – &Laquo; At eight pm at Ark & raquo ;, at 18:00 – &Laquo; Angel Wings & raquo ;. At noon and at 14.00 Theatre « and People and Puppets » will show « Snow Queen & raquo ;. SUNDAY REPERTOIRE At noon Lviv Opera House calls for « Swan Lake & raquo ;, and at 18.00 – on « & raquo ;. Rigoletto In Theater. Zankovetska show « Romeo and Dzhelyetta in late November & raquo ;. Beginning at 18.00. Theatre Lesia Ukrainian12.00 invites to « tail Lost … & raquo ;, and at 18.00 « Anti-Formalist Rayok & raquo ;. At 19.00 in the theater Kurbasa – &Laquo; Amnesia, marital or small crimes & raquo ;. At 12:00 and 15:00 First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences show « Wild Swans & raquo ;. Theatre « and People and Puppets » preparing for Sunday&Laquo; Snow Queen & raquo ;. The performance will take place at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00. EXHIBITIONS For St. Valentine in the mall « Roxolana » the opening of the exhibition « Another Love & raquo ;. Everyone who comes to its most expensive, get city ’ yatnyy souvenir with photo for free! MUSIC In Lviv Opera will con romantictsert Orchestra of Lords of the Sound. Saturday on the stage of Lviv Philharmonic will perform for Valentine Tenors BEL ’ CANTO and Academic Youth Symphony Orchestra « INSO-Lviv » by Vladimir Syvokhip trampoline. Concerts will take place at 17.00 and 20.00. For St. Valentine's Organ Music Hall sound of love. Start – 17.00. On Sunday Lviv Philharmonic is preparing for music lovers « Italian souvenir & raquo ;. Start – 19.00. MOVIE Anti-cafe CoMMuna organized screening for all lovers. Beginning at 21.00. The program includes the following films: 1. « Beauty & raquo ;. 2. « 500 Days of Summer & raquo ;. 3. « Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & raquo ;. 4. « Love Me If You Dare & raquo ;. At 13.00, 19.00, Saturday and Sunday at 19.00 in the cinema to show the film Copernicus « chota Lady Volunteers & raquo ;. This is the story of creation of the new Ukrainian army. The insurgent people dropped criminal government and drove the vassals of the Russian Empire. Enraged colonizer throws his troops and Ukrainecaptures the territory. President of Ukraine signed an agreement on the truce ’ I am the dividing line parties. Under this agreement Donetsk International Airport was on the line. But the Patriots volunteers do not agree to give it to the enemy. 242 days long heroic defense until after sighting in tanks shelling the airport collapsed.People stood, broke down the concrete. Cartoon &Laquo; Shurshy quotes & raquo ;. Funny cricket and his friends live in the magical land. They are free and happy. Cricket is keen to win the music contest and become a real artist. But one day, riding with his friend on a skateboard on the sands of the desert, he finds skeletons of giant beetles. From thisand begin an incredible adventure in which the hero and his friends to win the competition and find out the price of true friendship! &Laquo; Sponge Bob. Life on land & raquo ;. World darling of the ocean floor Spongebob must save his deep world, but that he and his friends have to get to the land and to be in our world. NEW RELEASES&Laquo; 50 shades of gray » (Erotic thriller). Anastacia Steel – modest student who lives with his close friend, classmate Kate. A week before graduation at the University of Anastacia, at the request of the patient Kate replace it, takes interviews ’ S a young handsome billionaire Christian Grey. Interviews ’ S consists not very good, and Anasteysha not think they ever meet again. Suddenly, with Gray ’ is a hardware store where she works seller. Their acquaintance continues and Anastacia gradually learns the secret of sexual delight rich. &Laquo; Humiliation » (Drama, comedy). Successful and famous, gifted, but it « nazavzhdi tired » actor who lost his inspiration in anticipation of final car ’ premieres tries to commit suicide. Love and relationship with a girl much younger than him, fundamentally changing the vector settling. &Laquo; woman in yard ’ th » (Drama, romance). The film tells the story of Antoine, forty musician suddenly youwas resolved to finish his car ’ EMU. Aimless wandering around the city for several days, he gets a job concierge. Matilda, who recently retired, found in the wall of your living room cracked. Gradually her concern about it develops into a panic – she is afraid that the house will collapse because of it. Antoine, seeing that everything Matildasinking deeper into the abyss of madness, trying to make friends with her. &Laquo; OLD » NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Kingsman. Secret Service » (Action, Comedy, Crime, Adventure). Jerry – young guy who took service in the Marine Corps and has a very high level of intelligence. He could achieve a lot, but chose a different path and become Dry, Loiretbnym criminal. Once he met Harry Hart, where his father once saved the life. This person decides to do everything possible to make life better and Jerry open for him new opportunities. Harry told him that the secret agent is an independent organization that is protecting the world. He offered to teach the boy to goReference and become a new member of their team. Jerry Hart accepted the offer, but whether it can cope with all the challenges and justify his hopes ... &Laquo; Loft » (Thriller). P ’ yatero married friends decide jointly to remove respectable apartment to bring back mistresses and realize their sexual fantasies. But once theyfind the apartment naked female corpse ... All n ’ yatero suspected of killing each other. &Laquo; Divorce French » (Romance, Comedy). Love, passion, serenity, happiness – they had everything. But over time it became clear that they are quite different, Nino – primary school teacher and his life – this small???? provincial school in a suburb of Rome, Ariana – violinist and her life – endless trips and concerts, one of which she met another, and now ask for a divorce. But in their country is a long process. Devising a plan to save seven ’ th, Nino offers Ariana go for divorce in France. &Laquo; Vidpadnyy Rev » (Comedy). Zeki Muller bank robber after thirteen months ’ getting out of the prison. He goes in search of loot that was hidden in construction. How surprised would-be robber when he saw it on the site of a brand new school gym! To get to the loot, Zeki trying to find a place shkiment guard. But as a result of mild confusion instead it take to replace a teacher. He gets naybuynishyy and abnormal class throughout school – 10-B. Using a somewhat unusual methods, a former robber suddenly finds common ground with the students. At the same night he tries to get to loot and zakohuyetsya a fellow teacher Forest. &Laquo; Dumb and dumber 2 more » (Comedy). Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas on a journey to find the baby Harry, the existence of which he was unaware. Told