In Vinnytsia representative of the Head in the regional Council was Anatoly Crow (+ photos)

Provide coordination and cooperation between state administration and the Regional Council will now Anatoly Crow. His head as ordered RSA Valeria Koroviya number 76 on March 2, appointed representative in the HeadRegional Council. According to the "Regulations on Representative Head in the Regional Council", which was approved by the Head of State Administration 129 from March 2, 2015 will carry out their duties on a voluntary basis (outside the state apparatus RSA). According to the document's newly appointed representative must Repavlyaty at meetings of the Regional Council, its committees Regional Council draft decisions being made chairman of RSA and other documents made head of state administration. Also, a representative of the Head in the Regional Council is to contribute to the contacts of meetings with the heads of the Head fees, Leaders of factions Regional Council and others. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration