Simplification of procedures for issuing grants will help retirees

With the rapid increase in prices and tariffs for socially important goods and services, falling purchasing power by 20%, inflation of 26.7%, the rate of subsidy for the year will result in the impairment amount provided subsidies by about a quarter, which in turn makeNumber inefficient mechanism of subsidizing pensioners. According to the head of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine Mykola cock-a-doodle-doo "Reducing consumption standards and the actual amount of light gas will not allow pensioners to receive subsidies in such amount that fully cover their housing costs. We all know what's great reduction in social normsth extent undermine the effectiveness of a simplified mechanism for subsidizing because new initiative the government to public subsidies can be a failure. Also, I am convinced that only a simplified mechanism for subsidizing forth a new round of corruption in social security agencies. " Recall, according to the State Statistics Service, last year benefited from subsidies 1,6 million people. A number of those in need of state aid is about 3.5 million. At the same time, the average subsidy during the heating period was 335.3 USD, and in the off-season - 73.8 USD. Press Service of the Party of Pensioners of Ukraine