Russians are too brainwashed to oppose the regime of Putin - "Free Microphone" roughly

murder of a Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in the center of Moscow could be a trigger for insight Russians mass protests against the policies of the current regime. ... But could not, because the Russians turned the TV onzombies that, despite everything, massively supporting Putin. This convinced the inhabitants of Western Ukraine and Kyiv. Photo: Yes, February 28 during the removal of the national project « Free Microphone » TV ZIK participants in the traditional category « Question of the week » speculated on: « What will change in Russia after the murder Nyemtsova? & raquo ;. According to the survey, 80% of Ukrainian do not believe in any change in after the murder of one of the main opposition country. As succinctly explained from Kiev: « While in Russia, Putin ruled, there was nothing to change & raquo ;. &Laquo; If it were us, it would have appeared a huge storm. We – completely different people, we – CategoriesE « & raquo ;. scoops But in nothing will change: will a few hundred people put candles. If they will do, of course. If not let – silence slope head. Russian opposition dies: first, Valeria Novodvorskaya now Nemtsov. Without them, the Russian opposition will be difficult & raquo ;. The People's speakers, Russianpeople are too brainwashed to even suggest that the murder Nemtsov – the handiwork of their power. &Laquo; THEY WILL and continue to speak chernoe – Belo. AND BELIEVE IN TEARS This is a & raquo ;, – convinced mallet. &Laquo; people in a zombie. They perceive only the information that they submit on TV & raquo ;, – said resident Rivnohabout. And suppose Ukrainian, even those of the Russians who murder Nemtsov make at least a little to think about what is happening in their country, after not dare to speak out against official policy. Fear to stand out from the crowd and become « undesirable » pryduschyt any desire to look at things differently. &Laquo; I think manyWILL is slightly over zadumvatsya themes something happening, but predprynymat specially Nothing not to be & raquo ;, – suggested young mallet. Only about 15% of people's speakers are hoping that killing Boris Nemtsov will start to revolutionary developments in Russia. Like, sooner or later tyranny Putin has come an end, and people throw pretense of sight. « I think after this incident should awaken Russia, zavorushytysya, go to the streets to have their say, – optimistically said an elderly man in Lutsk. &Ndash; In the hope that mothers will also be to protect their sons that get sent to Ukraine as cannon city ’ meat & raquo ;. &Laquo; Murder Nemtsov accelerate the revolution in PHosea, – predicted resident of Rivne. &Ndash; The revolution will happen much sooner than we think & raquo ;. More thoughts on possible changes in Ukrainian in after the assassination of Boris Nemtsov can hear every night on TV ZIK in special issues of national project « Free Microphone » &Ndash; &Laquo; Question of the week & raquo ;. Msgno issues, see the program every day and every hour during the day and evening. Told