Recipe Rescue Ukraine, or miracle, or do most everything Ukrainian - Firtash

VIENNA, March 3, 2015. Ukraine did not become independent until the end, because in 23 years did not carry out the necessary reforms. The Head of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine Dmytro Firtash during the International Forum "Ukraine Tomorrow", which was organized in Vienna Federatsiya Employers of Ukraine with the participation of trade unions. Forum aroused great interest - instead of 250 pre-registered participants at the forum gathered about 500 representatives of business and political circles of Europe. "23 years ago Ukraine gained independence. But we did not truly independent because it did not carry out the necessary reforms. Today the cityand - Ukrainian employers and trade unions - want to present your plan to modernize Ukraine. We have to study the European experience, Listening to Ukrainian scientists. we need to understand where Ukraine should be in 25 years, and outline a plan to move. we see the experience of East Germany and Poland - we were in some circumstances. Mand see how these countries live today. We can say that it is a miracle. So recipe save Ukraine - whether it be a miracle if we do everything ourselves, "- said Dmitry Firtash. FRU Chairman noted that a new initiative of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine and union modernization Agency Ukraine for 200 days will develop a master plan for the development of Ukraineand. "We need to create an investment fund to complete the modernization of Ukraine. Ukraine - a great country, and for her full recovery need 300 billion. We must regain the trust of Ukrainian and foreign investors that the business was interested to invest in Ukraine ", - said Dmitry Firtash. "We must strive daily posturetive results. Ukrainians should feel every day that life is changing for the better, "- said Dmitry Firtash.