March 3 will mark the first World Day for Prevention of Birth Defects

March 3, 2015 will mark the first annual World Day for Prevention of Birth Defects. This March 2 IA ZIK reported in Lviv National Medical University im.Danyla Galician. BD (BD) – Homecause of infant mortality in developed countries. Therefore, 12 leading organizations in the world of health care ’ I announced March 3, 2015 the first annual World Day for Prevention of Birth Defects. The purpose of this day all over the world – improve public awareness about the causes of birth defects introduce programs of primary proaktyky BD expand the network of information resources and services of the care of patients and their families. Modern science proved that the occurrence of birth defects in children most affected environmental factors (teratogenic factors), including ionizing radiation, alcohol, micronutrient deficiency. The negative impact of these factors can reduce or eliminateand, thereby significantly reducing the risk and frequency of birth defects. Long-term studies of BD conducted Programme Birth Defects OMNI- network show that population frequency of birth defects like anencephaly, spina Bifida, microcephaly, microphthalmia, conjoined twins, fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the highest in Europe. Moreoverthese frequencies are even higher in alive. Rivne Ukraine represents a part of BD Program OMNI- network EUROCAT (European Organization Monitoring Systems BD) and ICBDSR (International House of Studies and Monitoring Systems BD). The studies and lessons learned show: 1) Number of NTDs can be reduced by 50%. Expenseand necessary to prevent neural tube defects via folic acid tablets in women of reproductive age, are minimal; resources for immediate implementation of such programs exist in the region, and country; 2) Required broad educational campaign about the negative impact of alcohol on the development of the child before birth, which will prevent microcephalyand other birth defects; 3) It is necessary to reduce the influence of ionizing radiation as through the respiratory tract (inhalation of smoke, dust) and its accumulation in the body due to consumption of contaminated food. In fact over 50% of incorporated radionuclides due to consumption of contaminated berries and mushrooms. Prevent the accumulation of radionuclides necessary for Mr.rofilaktyky leukemia and cancer. Opportunities exist for this. 4) Using population-based birth defects surveillance can reliably evaluate the effectiveness of the above measures. 5) To determine the effects of ionizing radiation on high frequency microcephaly, microphthalmia and other birth defects, it is necessary to continue research in conjunction with the Program BirthDefects OMNI- network, developing additional initiatives and partnerships. &Laquo; best start in life – is born without birth defects that can be prevented & raquo ;, – specified in the notice. Told