Humanitarian assistance to Ukraine 5 million people in need - UN

About 5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. This includes both those who live in the occupied territories pro militias and settlers. The UN believes that can assist 3.2 million of these people. In an interview with RadioLiberty said Humanitarian Coordinator of the UN in Ukraine Neil Walker. It is reported. &Laquo; We know that in the occupied territories separatists is about two million people. Separately, we count two million people who live along the contact line, particularly in Debaltsevi. Besides, there are hundreds of thousands of people who were measHouchin from their homes and are now in areas bordering the conflict zone. In these people, yet there are at least 300 thousand persons in other areas of Ukraine & raquo ;, – UN coordinator said. Neil Walker points out that all of them need medication, household items, food, drinking water, employment opportunities, housing. Fromand to the State Service of Emergencies of Ukraine, as of the end of February the number of internal migrants in Ukraine exceeded 700 thousand people.