In Nadsyannya 70 years ago was not a voluntary evacuation and terror against the Ukrainian - witness

Exactly 70 years ago - in March-April 1945 - in Nadsyannya, now in Poland exerted mass terror against Ukrainian. In villages, hundreds tortured innocent and defenseless people who have left the territory of Poland within the "voluntary resettlement"the territory of the then USSR. This was told the head of Lviv regional socio-cultural society « Nadsyannya » Vladimir Wednesday in design « The historical truth of Vakhtang Kipiani » (Thursdays at 22:00, Sunday – 22:30 on Channel ZIK). Thus, according to the agreement concluded on September 9, 1944 between the government inSoviet and Polish Committee of National Liberation, expected by February 1 next year to conduct a voluntary evacuation of Ukrainian population from Poland and Polish citizens from the territory of the USSR. But with the coming spring of 1945 began mass killing Ukrainian who remained in Poland. According to Vladimir Wednesday, symbolPavlokoma tragedy was the village where the March 3, 1945 in one day rolled 366 inhabitants. Terror touched dozens of villages, including Lyublyntsi, Gorajec, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Malkovich, which killed hundreds of people – from infants to the elderly. &Laquo; current March-April – exactly the 70th anniversary of mass terror against the Ukrainian, – convinced Vladimir Wednesday. &Shy; – The fact that previous harassment language, Ukrainian church ban on Polish territories did not give the desired effect. Ukrainians were Ukrainian. The level of national consciousness was very high. And at the beginning of 1945 to take effect Nadsyannya organized hundreds of UPA. So the only remedy was Ukrainian physical terror that sweptI spring shaft 45th year. Polish authorities totalitarian regime was interested in creating a mono-ethnic Polish state began to clean the territory of the Ukrainian nation Nadsyannya & raquo ;. It tells Vladimir Wednesday, Ukrainian is not willing to leave their homes. It is therefore against them and began to use physical force. And if it is not forcedO people of stall space, the so-called voluntary evacuation has become a forced deportation. &Laquo; When it became clear that even terror does not give the desired effect in September 1945 with three soldiers formed a special division. They, with the support of the police, the nationalist Polish underground have begun the forced deportation of Ukrainianant. In court armed men came and ordered the owners to climb out. At the meeting were taken 2-3 hours. At one inlet fit only the most necessary things & raquo ;, – recalls Vladimir Wednesday, which in 12-year age with his family deported from Nadsyannya in March 1946. Overall Nadsyannya of nearly half a million were deported Ukraineyintsiv. In particular, the official figure among the deportees – 482 880 people. &Laquo; Speak claims Poles claim any compensation does not make sense, – Vladimir said Wednesday. &Ndash; First, in terms of international law was a two-way process: when we were evicted from Nadsyannya with what is now Ukraine exported ethnic Poles. And modern-day Poland – another, is another society. Now that Poland is among our top friends and partners. So our main task – honor the city ’ Five victims of terror and prevent anything like this more & raquo ;. Told