Over the weekend in Prykarpattia 9 fires took place, 1 person rescued

February 28 at 09.52 h. Ivano-Frankivsk street Stus was a fire in the basement apartment buildings. The fire destroyed heater heating an area of ??4 square meters The cause of the fire is under investigation. February 28 at 19.15 h. in Tatariv Yaremche mountainsIl gazebo on site « Tatar Deluxe & raquo ;. The fire damaged the building on the overlap area of ??12 sq.m. The preliminary cause of fire – violation of fire safety when constructing the chimney. March 1 at 10.44 h. Kalush Street in Lviv on fire metal structures on the plot. The fire destroyed whereRevolution ’ volved construction metal structures in the area of ??8 square meters The cause of the fire is under investigation. March 1 at 16.29 h. Kuropatnyky Galician village area there was a fire in one of the houses. The fire destroyed the building in the overlap area of ??6 sq damaged roof on area of ??8 square meters, some interior walls. On fire rescuedof 88-year-old owner of the house. The cause of the fire – short circuit wiring. March 2 at 04.44 h. Ivano-Frankivsk on the street there was a fire Vovchynetska car « VMV X5 & raquo ;. The fire destroyed the engine compartment, dashboard and tires 2 cars, damaged interior. Also nearby fire damaged solderrkovanyy Car « Honda Pilot & raquo ;. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Over the weekend, rescuers went three times to put out fires of dry grass and debris. Total year-to-Carpathian region there were 435 fires.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/