As the UOC-MP is trying to build " russkiy Weights " in independent Ukraine

Friday, February 27, read in Pochayiv Lavra canons. After the readings parishioners were informed that the MP svobodivets Konstantin Krasovsky made for the fact that Pochaevskaya laurel paid taxes for hostels featured on affiliated territories. Faithful SecAwere copies of newspaper articles " Express " and recommended to contact me " with remarks " ... On the same day Pochaevskaya City Council held its regular meeting. Parishioners of UOC-MP came to svobodovtsev to the meeting of the City Council with candles, to say he lit them in the church and prayed. Thus the UOC-MP is trying to buildand " russkiy Weights " on the territory of an independent Ukraine, sending his faithful flock to protect the business of the Moscow Patriarchate. After the conversation going in the session hall, members discussed the issue of transfer Pochayiv Lavra permanent use of land plots. For my initiative the issue of transfer of the territories that would give, sendOr for further study profiled the Standing Committee to there prepared a draft decision on the transfer of these areas to rent for 5 years. As you know, Pochayiv Lavra has great benefits. They poured wine and implement " & quot ;, Cahors produce for sale chapel, rent rooms to tourists to stay. For all taxesdo not pay. Under the law, all entrepreneurs must pay taxes, and Pochayiv Lavra - is no exception. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "