Today started accepting applications for the festival of short films "Project Galicia"

March 1, began accepting applications for participation in the festival of short films "Project Galicia". Reported organizers. The purpose of « Project Galicia » is rediscover the Galician province through the vision of individual authors. Indigenous people, turysyou or occasional travelers – all see this part of Ukraine in different ways, and for each it means something else. Therefore, we invite different authors, professionals and amateurs, to show what is your Galicia, organizers stress. This festival – is an attempt to rethink the beauty of Galicia, its historical, landscape and architectural wealth andalso the lifestyle of local people. The competition is held in three categories: professional, amateur and children's photography. Authors must create a video about a particular village or town in Galicia (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil region, excluding regional centers) timing to seven minutes. Requirements for the video: * Movie quality shot, preferablyin HD quality (for professional competition); * Length – not more than seven minutes; * Music with permission to use (preferred) or original; Film of the town, district centers and villages of Galicia (excluding regional centers); * Number of movies from one author is unlimited; * Focus on historical about ’ yektah, life of local residents, the landscape;* Completed questionnaire by Online – * Videos of any genre; * Participants can be both professionals and amateurs of all ages. Works will be accepted on December 1st. For participation please make a video and upload it to the site, by adding a description and specifying category, which involves a robotand (profesina, amateur, children). After pre-selection jury will new video from ’ to appear on youtube channel and on the page month. From 1 to December 19, 2015 professional jury will select the best works, according to Internet audience will also be taken into account. Announcement and awarding ceremony will be held on 19 December. In addition to prizeswill be awarded the Audience Award. Told