Volyn district police inspectors report to the public

During these meetings, law enforcement officers, on the one hand, bring about the results of their work on the other - are able in direct contact with people outline the main areas that need improvement. Kovelschyni in the village before Lubliniec zvituvavsyapopulation of the district police inspector Andrew Tarasyuk. The police officer serving this station over a year, so the issues of concern to local residents, knows firsthand. Moreover - "sheriff" is an understanding of the asset and directly with village head Alexander Fedonyuk. Andrew Tarasyuk spoke on condition of situationpublic order and served on site, as well as the outcome of the complaints and applications of citizens. Within two months of this year considered 12 complaints and reports of the villagers. As a result, one open criminal proceedings. In addition, 12 people fined, four separate entities - forviolence in the family. In his speech, the district said that in the station always carried prevention of crimes and offenses. In the area of ??special attention - people tend to commit them, and those who lead antisocial lifestyle, abusing alcohol or use drugs. Currently strengthened preventionychna work of persons previously convicted and formally fall under administrative supervision. At the end of the villagers noticed local policeman family crisis, fighting distilling and selling alcohol to minors. In general, the work of district inspector residents rated objectively expressing their pobazhReference and demand. Summing up, the village head Alexander Fedonyuk noted that the district inspector is, so to speak, in his place, and then said: - We must work in tandem single - and law enforcement authorities. Only then can reach a compromise in solving urgent problems and ensure peace in the streets of settlementsin. Elina Baginskiy, Kovel MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region