In the Transcarpathian region told to do if you come across a suspicious object in

BC ’ communication with an unpredictable situation in the East Transcarpathian Ukraine rescuers urge citizens to be vigilant and city ’ favorites principal rules of conduct in detecting suspicious objects. For safe at first package left at a lavytsicrowded place, it may be disguised explosives. How to distinguish explosives from others? First, they are unusual for a particular situation or area where you are. Second, often the presence of explosive issue sounds, such as the ticking clock and the flashing indicator lights. You should also note the presence of live sourcestion for suspicious objects or next to it. In addition, the explosives may indicate the presence of stretching wires. If you find a suspicious device should first refrain from illegal actions. One of the main causes of accidents related ’ knitted with explosives, – This is a gross violation of basic safety rules. Defuse the bombdevice or explosion can only localize trained specialists after removing people from the danger zone. So, when it detects suspicious objects tell the rescue service by calling 101 or the police by calling 102. More instructions for dealing with such a situation depicted in infohrafitsi below. In DSNS Incountries in the Transcarpathian region