Zhytomyrski police detained a group of

visiting thieves during a joint patrol at a fixed positions at the entrance to the regional center traffic police and special forces of public security stopped a suspicious vehicle. In the view of the driver and passengers seized jewelry and food just stolen from homesresidents of suburban village. Law enforcement officers who provide law and order as part of intensified patrol along, received from operational duty that a few hours ago was obikradeno houses two residents of the village. Dovzhyk. According to preliminary data, attackers could move the car "Audi". - Some time after nadhodzheing orientation we noticed a vehicle similar to the description on wanted - says Oleg DPS inspector UGAI Lena. - So he stopped to check. Helmsman somewhat reluctantly, but still met the requirements inspector, however, tried to pull away from the militia post. When police began checking the driver and three of his claimasazhyra began to reveal emotion, and then one of them even rushed to their heels. - I had to catch the fugitive - says Inspector company public security police special purpose Sergey Zhukovsky. - However, in these circumstances, we immediately called to the aid of neighboring police. During a personal inspection and examination of au menI police seized jewelry, food and other things that, as it turned out, a few days ago were abducted from their homes residents Zhytomyr region. Attackers do not hesitate to pull out of other people's refrigerators, frozen meat and sausage. In addition, the license plates on avtivtsi were strangers, but the real reason helmsmandrove in the trunk. Also in the car police found and specific tools. And so today, experts ascertain whether, by chance, they are not used to vidtyskaty windows and exposed to other people's homes. All four men were arrested. They were residents of Moldova aged 25 to 54 years. Reliably explain why they have qEne property and what they do, the men could not. According to one - go in the "business" matters skuplyayuchy in population and reselling valuables, according to the other - providing repair services for homes, however, where it is working, said. But now, in the context of criminal proceedings initiated by ch. 3. 185 (theft) of the Criminal CoCode of Ukraine, does it take for all circumstances. Legislation secret abduction of another's property, coupled with the penetration in the home, other premises or storage, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6 years. - Now in enhanced measures to prevent violations, illegal arms trafficking, possible terrorist manifestations, - the stagnationpnyk Chief of Internal Affairs - chief of public security police Yuri Swan. - To this end, the streets of towns increased the number of militia outfits, and the major highways running joint patrols and Special Forces personnel UGAI Public Security Ministry of Internal Affairs. The main tasks of law enforcement officers in these positions is to check suspicious ABtotransportu and law enforcement on the road and the surrounding area. The result of these measures, the removal of a number of prohibited items and detecting intruders. Special events in the territory of Zhytomyr police continue. Natalia Timchuk, SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region

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