In the Transcarpathian region that tourists need to know before going to the mountains

In Transcarpathia lasts winter holiday season. Many citizens in search of sensations goes to the mountains to enjoy the nature of the Carpathians and skiing or snowboarding, often without considering their health and general physical condition. For individuals recreationcan be dangerous, Stand ’ Knitted fatal. On account of the Carpathian mountain rescue many rescue operations, fl ’ knitted with assisting tourists, who during the tourist routes had problems with health ’ pits. For example, only during February 8-10, mountain rescue twiceprovided assistance to tourists. Thus, February 8 Rakhovsky and Yasinya fighters DSNS provided medical assistance and transported two tourists Mt.. The next incident occurred on February 10 g Krasiya that Velykobereznianskyi area. Skiing could have ended fatally for 52 years Transcarpathians. While patrolling the mountain slopein rescuers noticed a man whose behavior aroused suspicion in them. Lying on a snowy track skier moaned and held on to the chest. At the time when the men approached him DSNS, tourist fainted. Rescuers in rad ’ communication caused paramedic who revived the victim. A man entered the cardiovascular, protyshokoviPeninsula and pain medications. Then the men DSNS a sleigh lowered victim from the mountain and called « fast & raquo ;. Then skier with the diagnosis « myocardial infarction » admitted to the regional kardiodyspanseru, where he was operated on urgently. It should be noted that if no observation and timely assistance DSNS fighters in tourysta Krasiya for several minutes to stop the heart. Therefore Transcarpathian rescuers calling citizens not to neglect basic rules of safe vacation in the mountains and scrutinize their own well-being during mountain trip. When planning a trip first need to consult a doctor about your conditionHealth ’ i. If the medical findings are negative, it is best to opt out hiking in the mountains. Going on holiday should stock up on all the necessary medicines. If possible, should go to the mountains to the company, so that in case of danger to health ’ S they gave you first aid and called rescuers. Take care of yourself and do not expose yourself to Mr.ebezpeku! In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region