In Vinnytsia on DTEK Ladyzhinsk TES

heavily guarded now, at the request of the Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik, DTEK Ladyzhynska TPP as a particularly important infrastructural facility Vinnytsia Oblast clock guard units of the National Guard. In addition, the direction of power used and other events linksenoyi security, for example, the introduction of a special access mode at hydroelectric dams Ladyzhyn which also act around the clock, until in the region will not be canceled high alert mode. February 12 Vinnichiny head Anatoly Oliynyk together with the head of the advisory group, Lieutenant General Vladimir Artyukh visited DTEK Ladyzhynsku TPP to inspect tasks of the health facility, set during the previous meeting with the company and to identify issues that may arise during the implementation of security measures. As a result of the workshop, which was held with the participation of companies and law enforcement agencies, head oblderzhadministradio Anatoliy Oleinik instructed to promptly prepare a general plan of DTEK Ladyzhyn TPP and take steps to improve the system alerts residents of settlements included in the zone of influence of the company in the event of an emergency. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

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