During the day pyrotechnics DSNS Lviv cleared 7 dangerous munitions in

February 28 fireworks DSNS defused dangerous 7 pieces of munitions. So rescuers removed 152 mm artillery shell WWII that found in a field near the village. Hlypli Mostyska region. On the same day nadzvychaynyky clearedand 6 grenade grenades found in s. Tour ’ is Starosambirskyi area in the garden. Hazardous findings removed and disposed of appropriately. In addition, 28 February at 14:10 rescuers received that near the village. Glinsko Zhovkivskyi District during excavation work in the field was neckWle? 12 items outside similar to mortar shells WWII. The case detection ammunition reported to law enforcement and submitted an application to the 2nd Special Response Center DSNS Ukraine removal and disposal of ammunition. Department DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region resembles – at qESI ammunition and mine-clearance of explosive remnants spend only DSNS pyrotechnics. Avoid pulling on their own land, throw, not exposed to fire, beat on them, instead fence or mark the place and report findings to the Rescue by calling « 101 & raquo ;. Rules of conduct in detecting boyeprypasu explain to children and to children's curiosity has not led to threats to their lives.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/