In Rivne temporarily relocated to the East Ukraine organized a tour of the cultural and archaeological center "Peresopnytsya" the home of the world famous gospel Peresopnytsia March 1

rescuers Main Department DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region organized a trip to the East Ukraine, temporarily livingRivne on a tour of the cultural and archaeological center « Peresopnytsya » the home of the world famous Peresopnytsia Gospel. Visitors thoroughly acquainted with the history of exhibitions Peresopnytsya Middle Ages, Pershoknyhy museum as well as a set of open-air museum « princely city & raquo ;. Visiting the cultural arhiolotech center, there are citizens able to get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of this former princely period of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. A little further from the museum guide Telegram ’ kindly demonstrated the ancient Church and the then fortress of trees in full size. Everywhere, wherever went by – felt the spirit of the princely era, grand and originaloyi history of Ukraine. It was fun and interesting. Besides the fact that you can learn a lot of new, interesting and useful, everyone who visited the museum - charged with fresh romantic feelings. In general, cultural and archaeological center « Peresopnytsya » - A romantic, an extraordinary place with a beautiful landscape. The museum felt particularlyand great spirit of place and time. Having been there, feeling like perevtilyuyeshsya aristocrat grand principality. &Laquo; Such activities for IDPs we are not the first, because they allow people to escape at least some of the problems that fell to their lot. Our lifeguards at the continued support of the regional government will continue tob arrange for visitors from the eastern regions of Ukraine citizens interesting entertainment and educational events to this category of people never felt abandoned with their problems alone & raquo ;, - said the head of the DSNS in Rivne Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Kruk. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivnenskiy area