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Khmelnytsky: Izyaslavschyni goodbye to a fallen hero Oleg ATU

Long War being waged in eastern Ukraine continues to bear the terrible news in Ukrainian families in rural and urban areas of our country. It is terrible to admit that in the twenty-first century in Ukraine at the hands of terrorists from the neighboring state killed our young guys. "Forgive me, Mom,on a black handkerchief! Mom, do not cry! I'll be back in the spring! In a pane of glass as I vdaryus Your bird! "- So said to my mother to son, but no longer say that more liked Ukraine and it gave my life! On February 26 the village Schurivtsi Iziaslav district said goodbye to Lt. Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleg Ivanovich long. Oleg Long died January 312015 near the village Chernuhyno Luhansk region during shelling separatist forces checkpoint operations against terrorism. However, due to aggravation of military opposition forces and separatists ATO only February 23 Ukrainian military was able to learn from the battlefield bodies of dead heroes. On the day of the funeral in his native village for the fallen hero and grievedcrying relatives, friends, the community area. Even the sky that day crying dreary rain drops. For upokiynu service for the fallen soldier Oleg in the local church St. Michael served clergy deanery Iziaslav Shepetovskoy Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. During the funeral of Oleg DovGIM was attended Schurovetskyy village head Vasylchuk Alexander, chairman of the district council Mykhailo Borysiuk, deputy head of the district administration Vladimir Levchenko, fighting fellow teacher Schurovetskoho SPC "secondary school second article-kindergarten" Larissa Grimak, mitered Archpriest Fr. Ivan Saveliev . They expressed their sincere condolences to the family of the deceased."The memory of his courage and great human qualities will forever remain in the hearts of relatives, and fellow military brothers - everyone who knew, respected and loved by Oleg - a true patriot and hero!" - Noted in the statements. The information was