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Ivano-Frankivsk, on the activities of block-posts in the region

Saturday, February 28, 2015, 13:36 | 28/02/2015 From among the State employees and other police units, representatives of community groups in the region equipped and operates 13 block-posts. In clock is controlled by the movement of carsotransportu to prevent the commission of any terrorist acts, penetration Carpathian persons who may commit crimes, bring weapons to destabilize the region. Special police unit together with the traffic police, officers of the district police departments, representatives of community groups OJEChear the control of entry and exit to the territory of service. The police are deployed in the full outfit with arms. - These checkpoints are in each area. Specifically, Rohatyn, Dolynskyy, Sniatyn, Horodenka in the territory Yaremchanskoy City Council, that all exits, entrances to the region from neighboring areas, theBTU spend as externally and internally regional control. Checking vehicles in order to identify suspects, the presence transportation of weapons, explosives, drugs and other suspicious items. In addition, law enforcement officers, together with representatives from the public supervise road safetyMovement - Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - chief of public security police in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Police Lt. Vasily Vikonska. All vehicles are suspicious, carefully vidslidkovuyusya are checked. Especially appealing to drivers vans, commercial vehicles with understanding attributeysya a situation not put obstacles in carrying out their law enforcement duties in verifying if those suspect, because it is clear that law-abiding citizens hide anything. These measures are aimed at preventing illegal actions, forcing social tensions and provocations to participate in illegal activities, thisand have the advantages of block-posts, because their operation allows to keep the area under the control of both inter-regional and inter-district level. During the course of block-posts, documented a number of violations of unlawful acts. This detection vehicles with signs of forgery room units, transportation and suspicious objects and documents for transport powith signs of forgery would like. Before the service zastuplennyam daily attire and conduct briefing focuses on the rule of law and personal safety measures during their service. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk