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In the Rivne region police warn of the mortal danger of weapons and ammunition

In terms of the situation in Ukraine there are cases of export zones ATO as "gifts" or "artifacts" of military equipment and weapons that are actually dangerous and can cause injury or death. An example of how not mozhna act was a tragic incident in the village school Ripky Chernihiv region, where February 18 explosion reactive anti-tank grenade RPG-18, one person was killed and three wounded. According to police Chernihiv pieces of the educational institution brought volunteers who volunteer as part-journalistic landingtraveled to the village of Sands in Donetsk. Allegedly worked launcher had to fill up a school museum exhibition corner. Guardians of Rivne again warned that weapons, ammunition and other explosive devices, even if they have used and unfit for combat use pretend anyway carry deadly BootRAM human life and health, as an ultimate conclusion on the safety of such items can only qualified person who has special knowledge. Particular attention is paid to the heads of educational institutions, museums, exhibition halls, representatives of voluntary organizations, community groups commanders and troops samooborony. If you hit an object of military equipment, the safety of which you can be sure sure to report it to the police. Never lay the independent actions of such subject (review, opening or closing the flip-off caps, pressing buttons and levers, etc.). Before the arrival of the police, ensure inaccessibilitying to the subject of the public. Remember that safety rules will help save the lives and health of both you and many other people. Police urges citizens to be vigilant and immediately report such situations to the police or the line "102" in order to prevent cases of illegal handling of weapons, ammunitionand, explosives and devices. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivnnskiy in the region