In Lutsk from 6 March to 15 May 2015 will be held city-wide event called "Environmental quarter"

Pursuant to the Law of Ukraine "On Environmental Protection", "On the improvement of human settlements" in order to improve the environment, landscaping, planting and Enforcement in proper sanitary condition of the city, involving measures Wides populations, intensification of conservation and environmental education Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk signed an executive order of the city from 6 March to 15 May 2015 city-wide campaign "Ecological quarter." According to the order of the collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations of different ownership chargedspend compiling and improvement of their own and surrounding areas, landscaping and building facades. Department of Housing and Communal Services should ensure sanitation wide areas, clearing debris from streets after winter, natural elimination of waste dumps, a complex of works on vporyadkuvation of green space for general use and other objects of wide and recreation, facilitate the implementation of other measures under-wide action. PUD "Parks and gardens Lutsk" - proper sanitary condition in the parks and gardens attached. Heads of utility companies tovarysment "M.ZH.K." housing offices number 8 housing cooperatives, heads of condominiums commissioned to organize the work of organizing and bringing to the proper aesthetic and sanitary condition of adjoining areas of apartment buildings, children, sports Venues and householda. Lutsk specialized combine residential electricity service will provide sanitation and regulation of cemeteries, memorials, monuments, mass graves. Department of Environment with involvement of community regulation should ensure protection zones of water bodies through Tolok, assist in organizing Laneedennya action titled "Luck clean", and Environment Day. Order is set only a cleaning day - ­ Friday. Enterprises, institutions, organizations need to spend from 01 until 30 April month of greenery in which to carry out the planting of greenery and floral design their own and surrounding areas by vysadzhuvannya planting trees and shrubs, new and repair damaged lawns and flower beds. Department of Economics, business development and advertising, transport and communications, culture, education, health, Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the City Council: - Ensure active participation of enterprises, institutions and organizations relevant galuzi-wide action in "Environmental quarter" (own cleaning and surrounding areas, planting saplings and shrubs, trimming bushes, whitewashing trees, etc.); - Provide a summary of volumes of shares during the work and results of participation in specific activities in the Department of Environment of the City Council in the period to 20 April 2015. UrbanSomebody comprehensive schools together with municipal institution "City center environmental and naturalistic works of young students of the City Council" to hold the shares of ecological measures: - Competition of student environmental groups propaganda teams (March); - Poster competition on environmental issues (March); - Citywide conthen "save the Earth for future generations" (April); - The "Meeting birds", "Earth Day", "Environment Day", "Children for the humane treatment of animals", "Plant a Tree" (April-May). Department of Municipal wife, Environment Department for action "Ecological quarter" to inspect environmental and sanitary conditions in the city. This was reported in LutzKyi City Council