In Rivne Battalion soldiers "Dnipro 1" clarifying the circumstances of the conflict in the foundry (Updated)

In the afternoon, 20 people from among volunteer battalion "Dnepr - 1" entered the territory of JSC "Rivne Foundry", which is in Village Town Rivne region, to address misunderstandings aboutproperty relations between landlord and tenant companies. Having talked with representatives, spetspryznachentsi left the factory. "Dnipro - 1" - volunteer unit patrol special police (BPSMOP), established in April 2014 in the structure of Research Affairs of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk region to protect againstcrimes and public order. Information submitted to the journal Common accounting statements and reports of criminal offenses and other events Rivne District Police and connected to the joint criminal proceedings previously opened by part 3 of article 185 (theft, coupled with the penetration of housing or other buildingsstorage or substantial damage to the victim), paragraph 2 of Article 191 (embezzlement, misappropriation or taking another's property through abuse of office) and Article 356 (arbitrariness) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region