In the Volyn region rescuers trained students and parents the right to act in emergency situations

On February 26 educational institutions of Lutsk rescuers had learned safety for students and parents. For the eighth school number 21 regional center emergency personnel conducted training sessions on first domedychnoyi assisable. Rescuers students demonstrated a special layout, how to perform chest compressions and ventilation. After recommendations Anyone could practice independently performed resuscitation unconscious person. The results of practical classes, most students learned the basics of good healthtraining. In addition, experts DSNS reminded children safety rules, told how to prevent fires in the home, stressed the danger of entering the ice, and was reminded of how to behave, finding pieces of and under terrorist attacks. Lesson safety for parents held at the school-high school number 7 in Lutsk. The event was held in the framework of the overallnoshkilnyh parents meetings, which were attended by teachers and parents of students grades 5-9. How to control the threat of hostilities, where to hide from attacks how the evacuation of the danger zone that necessities take evacuation, – These and other aspects of the regional representative outlined the educational and methodological center for civilprotection and life safety. A staff DSNS reminded parents about the need to comply with fire safety in the home and by example to show kids prudence and caution. In addition, the rescuers showed a hand grenade present models and samples Munitions and told how to behave, foundShea similar items. We stopped and that often happens that explosives « nashpyhovuyut » toys, mobile phones, boxes of chocolates from the others. A DSNS stressed under no circumstances touch such things and expressed hope that such knowledge had never posluhuvatysya. Finally rescuers BPtaught a set of training materials for equipment in the corner of School of Civil Protection and Life Safety. UDSNS in Volyn region