Rivne: there was another exit "social mobile office"

February 26 Shpanivskiy village council worked outbound « mobile social office & raquo ;, in which work together with specialists district territorial center of social services (provision of social services), Employment, Department of Social protection populatedof district administration, pension fund employees participated Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region. During Reception experts explained the issue of subsidies, design old age, recalculation of pensions, the provision of humanitarian assistance, employment, financial AssistedOIG land issues and others. Workers PG DSNS with workers village council and all visitors « mobile social office » conducted preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work to comply with fire protection requirements, proven procedure in case of fire, the release of dangerous chemical or radioactive substances, etc.and the threat of terrorist attacks in detecting explosives and suspicious objects. In all appeals of citizens provided detailed roses ’ explanations. Rivne city district administration PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/