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Transcarpathia: the Mukachivschyni cyclist was killed in an accident

Late at night on the highway Kyiv-Chop s.Ivanivtsi near Mukachevo district bus driver fatally injured 19-year-old cyclist was moving oncoming traffic. On the phone "102" duty of Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a report of an accident of unknown Categoriesa 777-kilometer route international traffic Kyiv-Chop. According to preliminary information, police officers, bus driver marks SETRA, moving route "Vinnitsa - Italy", during overtaking went into the oncoming lane. Towards him rode two cyclists who had bikes and a illuminating signs. So the bus driver did not notice asimultaneously cyclists and was unable to avoid the collision. Impact of a bicycle thrown on the roadside, from injuries unfortunate accident died on the spot. They found 19-year-old resident of a nearby village Rakoshyno. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.286 Criminal Code of Ukraine (Violation of safety rules of roadFirst movement). Meanwhile, police reminds requirements for cyclists: Move along the carriageway road bikes permitted to persons under 14 years of age. Bicycles must be equipped with reflectors (reflectors): front - white on the sides - orange behind - red. For motion at nighttime and lowoyi visibility bicycle must be installed and turned on lights (headlight). Cyclists have to move on cycle tracks, and if they do not - on the right lane carriageway in a row (one by one). Bicycles must be operable brake beep. It is strictly forbidden to move along the road in the dark (underpoor visibility) without lights and reflectors included and drive on the wrong side. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA